No matter the project, demands, or subject matter, my writing talents know no bounds.

Video Production

Studio or field. Capturing or editing. Creative or corporate content. If it is video, I am all over it.

Graphic Design

Turning a blank canvas into a digital work of art is a rare feat. Consider me qualified.

Audio Production

Editing soundwaves may sound a bit geeky. But hey, I am good at it. Let the nerd in me work for you.


Ah, the Web — a vast yet tremendously underutilized marketing realm. Let us do our part to change that, shall we?

Event Planning

Whether the attire of choice is black tie or a white T-shirt, your next event deserves flawless execution.

Looking back, I should’ve majored in something science-related, or at least a discipline that didn’t include a 10-year probationary period and nights of endless keystroking, Ramen noodles, and coffee breaks.

But, I followed my gut — and my heart. Thus, here we are. You, the seeker of talent; I, the provider — the one who can give you the creativity, experience, and skill you require, all wound up into one neat package.

Yes, I am a writer. But I prefer not to be pigeonholed. As you’ll soon find out, I am so much more than an imaginary with a swift pen and a formidable penchant for multimedia production.

For example, behold the many skills and talents I would be happy to bring to your company:

  • Writing (online, print, magazine, TV/radio scripts, technical, etc.)
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio Production/Editing (studio and field; PC and Mac platforms)
  • Video Production/Editing (studio and field; PC and Mac platforms)
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing (advertising, promotions, public relations, etc.)
  • and so much more (cheesy, I know)

With that said, please, browse my modest portfolio. When all is said and done, you may just find something that makes you say, “Wow!”

And make sure to revisit, as I’ll be doing my best to update its content frequently. Because God knows I have plenty of ideas floating around in this tiny, pear-shaped head of mine and only so many places to put them.

I figured this would be as good as any.

To get a comprehensive look at my skills and experience, view my resumé either by clicking the image above or downloading the document in .doc and .pdf form.




Here we go!

Hello, and welcome to my personal portfolio.

I created this site in an effort to share my skills with the world. And when I say “world,” I am anticipating that the general population of this planet includes someone who may be interested in utilizing my talents at his or her company, firm, startup, business venture, Web site, newspaper, blog, magazine, or anything remotely in-between.

In short, I am hoping this showcase of my talents as a writer will allow me to contribute to the success of a respectable enterprise while doing what I love.

With that being said, I suppose it would only be logical to tell you what to expect.

What you can expect is unbridled creative bliss, mixed gingerly with some common sense and sound news judgment, and an understanding of what works on the Web.

I have toiled many a lonely night churning out pieces for several sites that more than hold their water in this endless yet overcrowded canvas we call cyberspace. More specifically, you’ll find that a majority of my writing is sports-centric.

But fear not, I am of the mantra that if you can write, you can write — no matter the subject.

And rest assured that this mantra will be evident as you graciously (and perhaps reluctantly) peruse my little personal gallery here. Not only will you find some of my best sports writing, but you’ll come across stuff that could be defined as pop-culture-ish, informed opinion, or a straight-up unmitigated rant.

The best part is, it’s all written with the same fervor and quality.

Thank you.



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